What we do

Our English course focuses primarily on developing students’ writing skills and involves both remedial and extension elements. Almost all students will have some problems with their writing which require correction, and this process involves an identification of the most important and frequent errors and the development of strategies to improve them. On the extension side, we encourage students to develop their writing by exploring topics which interest them, completing their own research and writing tasks independently of school work and assignments.

We also have a strong technical focus on the essentials of grammar, which helps to ground the subject. The study of English is a largely subjective enterprise, so having a solid understanding of the rules underlying language helps by providing a concrete set of principles. Learning how to write a grammatically correct sentence is the first building block in constructing longer pieces and developing an individual’s unique writing style.
By combining a strong technical introduction to the rules of grammar with a program of writing practice based on a clear understanding of the student’s abilities, our English course will boost the writing skills of our students and turn them into effective communicators.


We accept enrolments from students studying English at all levels of ability so long as they are interested in improving their skills and willing to work outside class-time. Enrolment depends on an initial interview where we assess a student’s ability and decide on the best course for them.